Manufacturing Facilities

Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

The policy of UniMed UniHealth Pharmaceuticals Limited is to make available quality pharmaceutical products to prevent, mitigate and cure the human illness.

The company aims to continually improve processes, products and service, addressing the risks and opportunities within the Organization and deliver highest professional standards and satisfaction.

The company will achieve this by procuring materials from reputed sources and producing products following the requirements of WHO Good Manufacturing Practices, national regulations and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

We are committed to provide satisfactory customer services and attend to all customers’ complaint. We are also committed to enhance the knowledge and skill of our personnel by providing adequate training as per individual training needs.

Quality Mission Statement

The management and employee workforce are committed to successfully deploy the company’s Quality Policy to all aspects of the company – assuring continued safe and effective products of the highest quality for the customers.

The commitment will be maintained through having the right people for the right job doing things appropriately.

This includes:

New technologies that allow the development of safe and effective products that enhance the quality of life.

An experienced workforce equipped with continuing education in quality techniques and philosophy.

A management team that is accountable for effective review and support of quality through prioritization, resourcing and timely execution of quality-conscious decision-making.

Confirmation of the successful operation based upon the testimony of the customers, shareholders, regulators, business partners, and employees.




The company has been certified to have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems in the manufacture, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products by SGS Bangladesh Limited. ISO certificate was first implemented in the year 2012 and regularly audited for continuity of the certification.