Launching of “Unifav” (Favipiravir)

Launching of “Unifav” (Favipiravir)

UniMed UniHealth Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has successfully launched Favipiravir  in Bangladesh under the Brand name “Unifav”.


This anti-viral drug has shown some promise in the fight against COVID-19. Favipiravir works by blocking the ability of virus to replicate inside a cell. It induces lethal RNA transversion mutations, producing a nonviable viral phenotype.

Favipiravir is a prodrug that is metabolised to its active form, favipiravir-ribofuranosyl-5-triphosphate, available in both oral and intravenous formulations. It does not inhibit RNA or DNA synthesis in mammalian cells and is not toxic to them.

Favipiravir showed a significant improvement in COVID -19 management. Regarding the emergency pandemic situation of COVID-19, an open-label, nonrandomized, before-after controlled study in an isolation ward of the national clinical research center for infectious diseases, Shenzhen, China has been conducted. Here, 80 people in comparison to Ritonavir/ Lopinavir found that Favipiravir reduced viral clearance time and 91% of people had improved Computed Tomography (CT) scans with few side effects. Meanwhile a limited scale clinical trial conducted in Dhaka by Bangladesh Society of Medicine. Around 96% of patients who received Favipiravir were relieved of COVID-19 symptoms with fewer days stay in hospital.

As per Bangladesh National guidelines in clinical management of COVID-19, the dose should be 1600 mg on  day 1 followed by 600 mg BID from day 2-10 or as directed by physician.

Now Favipiravir is an Optimum Management for COVID-19 patients. So we can say that, “a Light that Springs Hope”.

In an open label controlled study by National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases, Shenzhen, China, Favipiravir shows better median time of viral clearance for COVID-19 patients. The number of patient at risk was significantly decreased compared with control group (Lopinavir/Ritonavir). So cumulative COVID-19 positive rate was reduced in Favipiravir group.

Further information is available at UniMed UniHealth Pharmaceuticals Limited, House # 6/9, Block # F, Satmosjid Road, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.

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