The scientific seminar on “Role of Bacterial Lysates in Chronic Respiratory Diseases”

The scientific seminar on “Role of Bacterial Lysates in Chronic Respiratory Diseases”

We are pleased to announce that recently UniMed UniHealth Pharmaceuticals Ltd has launched Lallemand Pharma’s immuno-modulating drug PMBL® under tradename ISMIGEN® (Lyophilized Bacterial Lysates)  in Bangladesh. ISMIGEN® is recommended in the prevention of acute, sub-acute, recurrent or chronic infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

In a scientific seminar organized at National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Prof. Guido Ferlazzo, MD (University of Messina) spoke about the new mechanism of action of ISMIGEN. He mentioned that airways epithelial cells play a key role in innate defenses by providing a mechanical barrier to microbial entry, signaling to leukocytes, and directly killing pathogens (release of small cationic molecules, such as the b-defensins, LL-37, or larger proteins, such as lysozyme, lactoferrin).


Also he focused the latest clinical study conducted with ISMIGEN showed benefits as add-on therapy to COPD patients, for example by significantly increasing the time between exacerbations, and significantly reducing by over two-fold the number of days of hospitalization, an important criteria in terms of pharmacoeconomics.


Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Hossain, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shahedur Rahman Khan, Prof. Dr. Khairul Hassan Jessy, Prof. Dr. Rowshne Jahan, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rou and Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmed also gave their expert opinion in regards to the role of ISMIGEN in chronic respiratory diseases. They also thanked UniMed UniHealth to bring this product in Bangladesh.